Cat Poop Cleanup Information


I"m Eddie Evans and I do poop (feces) cleanup for Southern California.

What I do.

  • I prefer an email with your address and telephone number, but email is not a must have.
  • I prefer early cleaning or at least mid-morning to avoid traffic.
  • I work 24/7.
  • I can work by the hour or the job.
  • I charge $40 per hour for cat poop cleanup within a certain radius of my home in Cypress, California.
  • I travel long distances for cat poop cleanup so long as the job is big enough to earn a decent profit. I have traveled to Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico as well as California's northernmost and southernmost counties.
  • I view the area in need of poop cleanup.
  • I remove the cat poop.
  • I scrub and rinse soiled areas.
  • I disinfect once soiled areas.
  • I clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dens, and more.
  • I guarantee my work.


Parasitical Poop Cleanup Bacteria

Toxoplasma carried by cats across the north and west coast of North America exposed some of us to Toxoplasma. These parasites read from cat feces flushed into urban sewage systems. Also, the many millions of roaming barrel, or just free-roaming cats poop in places where water makes it the watersheds. Eventually it makes its way to the ocean where it becomes ingested by sea mammals. The ecology of cleanup and becomes more clear as the ecological webs of nature show cat excrement as a carrier Toxoplasma.

The famous Dutch researcher, Anton Van Loewenhoek, saw Giardiasis through his primitive microscope in 1671.

These parasites look like ghostly, stringy-haired heads with eyes and a mouth, which today we call a "medium body." Giardia causes diarrhea, gas, gut pain, and loss of appetite. Also known as "beaver fever" because it is sometimes carried by beavers in the wild, actors going this term after become sick drinking from a clear mountain stream used as habitat by while beaver. It is easily cross contaminated and we find that daycare-age kids helped read this bacteria through their parents hands as parents neglect to wash their hands thoroughly.

Besides diarrhea another poop cleanup problems, daycare centers serve as a source for transmitting hepatitis A. Some people in the Middle East during the time of the Crusaders believed that the hand of God had come upon them as punishment because they suffered the effects of Giardia and. Muslims and Jews sometimes suffered the effects of these diarrhea causing bacteria from poop.

These poop adhering bacteria began life a couple billion years ago and they've always enjoyed a watery habitat. They found plenty of places to call home, including our homes. They enjoy a warm body animals like the pooping mammalians.

The most common of the Pope cleanup parasites among humans in Canada and the United States, its rate of infection scores at about 2% in adults roughly 6 to 8% in children. Poor countries with inadequate sewage treatment sometimes average roughly a third of infected residents.

We learn about the ecology of parasites from Giardia because of its prevailing CM warm-blooded animals. Nearly inescapable, this poop flag even resides in Wolf that in old-growth forest. Sure enough, dogs also carry this poop cleanup hazard as do cats.

It's the cats that some of us learn to use as pets for most of our lives. Because cats know how to do their own poop removal from the scene. They've earned a place in our homes. Besides entertaining us when their kittens, we enjoy their company when they said in our laps and pure. Psychologist and physiologist have claimed for years that having an animal like a cat or a dog pet to lower blood pressure. They have claimed to that pets add your emotional health.

Did you know that intravenous drug users are warned not to have a cat or a dog after they become clean and left rehabilitation? It is true. These animals do require our care and attention. And a recovering addict needs to focus on their recovery, mostly. If they are to have any pets at all, it is often recommended that they have a goldfish. Once they've proven that they can handle a goldfish by keeping it tiny goldfish bowl clean, and there goldfish fed, then they can entertain a cat. Why a cat? Because cats clean up after themselves and require only that somebody remove their poop at intervals. A dog, on the other hand, will learn to poop in one place. But a dog does not bury their poop.

Both dogs and cats live up to 10 years, which gives us plenty of time to know them well. Also give them plenty of time to know us well. We do become emotionally bonded to the point of suffering as we would more any human being that we shared our lives for 10 years. Is it any wonder that people keep many cats in their household for years upon years and then end up cleaning the feces cleanup practitioner like myself? It does not amaze. I've had cats most of my adult life and for most of my early years.

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