Riverside County Feces Cleanup Narrative

What I Ask

  • I ask about parking.
  • I ask about payment.
  • I ask if the building will have residents at the time of cleaning.
  • I ask if the building will have animals at the time of cleaning.
  • I ask if the building has water, electricity, working toilets.
  • I will ask which rooms need cleaning.
  • I ask for you to send me an email with the name, address, telephone number, amount mentioned on the telephone, and when work will begin.

Riverside County Prices

I try to keep my prices competitive, but because of Riverside County's distance from my home, I must charge for my travel expenses and time. This raises my overall operating costs for Riverside County feces cleanup services, of course. I do need a profit to remain in business and help others; I need this profit to make it worth while to keep going and have enough for my tender years. Besides cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment, my expenses include biohazard cleanup insurance, vehicle insurance, gasoline, oil, maintenance, tires, and so forth.

Then there's my own health concerns. Human feces cleanup carries heavy health risks at times, not quite as serious as bird feces cleanup, but infectious in cany case. Human feces cleanup exposes the clean to over 6,000 known human feces viruses.

I live in Cypress, California and my prices also reflect the distance that I must travel to do feces cleanup anywhere in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County. With that said, I do try to keep my prices reasonable.

For nearby human feces cleanup and other types of feces cleanup, you can expect to pay a minimum $40 per hour. You can expect to pay a minimum $250 to get me out of my office and into your home, business, or factory building. The first hour labor is included in this fee. In those cases where there is residential cleaning, I require $40 an hour and I receive pay for six hours worked, but in any case, I received $250 for the total six hours as if I were charging only for the first hour.

This gives residential human feces cleanup contacts a great break on price. In any case, anytime I'm called out the door for an emergency& response, expect to pay $300-$350 for the job in minor cases. With that said, toilet cleanup will cost anywhere from $350-$500 depending on the condition of the toilet, surrounding conditions, and the availability of water, electricity, and working plumbing. Distance to the work also factors in. Call.

Overall, my prices may change on any one day. But, once I give a price, that prices is guaranteed as is my feces cleanup work.

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Riverside County Price Variation

Without working plumbing my price reaches $500 for one toilet. Why the variation on prices? It's hard to price my work and I must do so on distance traveled, how much work I've done recently and how much I can expect to do in the near future. This is truly a free enterprise, cleaning niche and the price reflects the demand for the service. There's always work, but it comes in quick succession of jobs and then slows down. At times I prefer it to slow down.

Cleaning Solutions -

I use cleaning solutions available at Home Depot and other hardware stores. I use these solutions because they work, their easily found, and clients can find these chemicals in case they have any questions left unanswered when I leave.

Among the chemicals used, I use Pine-Sol, Simple Green, and Zep Citrus Cleaner.

Pine-Sol has turpentine in it and the turpentine works as a disinfectant. The natural oils in Pine-Sol work as an emulsifier to help loosen, denature, and speed human feces cleanup work. Dwell time becomes important to help this process along. It also has a nice clean fragrance. Simple Green also has a nice fragrance and it cuts body oils rather well. It also has a high concentration of soap suds when added to water, which help to carry off feces and other impurities found during the cleaning process.

Zep Citrus Cleaner has a nice fragrance, has a nice ratio of soap suds created with the addition of water which help to carry off impurities from the surfaces clean and, and it cuts body oils and greases well. I prefer Zep when cleaning animal grease from sinks and stoves.

I use Clorox bleach as a general disinfectant because it's the strongest bleach on the market that I can find. Although it has only .5 higher pH on the alkaline side of the pH scale, 12.5, this .5 gives it much greater strength than the next household bleach available. So for another dollar or two that .5 comes in handy for getting the work done as far as disinfecting. Of course bleach helps to leave the area with a more positive fragrance.

I use rubbing alcohol for my hands, light switches, and other services requiring a quick disinfection light doorknobs.

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Cleaning Tools -

I use an assortment of cleaning tools that include abrasives 4 to 8 inches in diameter and color green, which I buy at Home Depot. These are quite expensive but they do get the work done given time and effort. I prefer a heavier, coarser, black floor scrubbing pad that I use on floors with a heavy-duty floor buffer. By preferring this tool for use on sinks and bathroom tabs, for example, I cut greece in human feces more quickly. Human feces cleanup requires cutting human greases because of the greece in human feces.

Evan the diets of those leaving behind the source material for human feces cleanup adds to the needed dwell time and effort.

I use metal scrapers with long handles and short handles. I use scrapers with extensible handles as well. I used a heavy duty construction shovel with a flat, still knows. I use metal, wide, flat nose stainless steel shovels as well for lifting great quantities of litter during clutter cleanup.

I include cleaning towels under the category of cleaning tools and these include cotton towels and microfiber towels. I use the cotton towels for you on dirty floors following scrub and rinse work. I also use the microfiber towels for this purpose as well as scrubbing and rinsing walls and other surfaces. Microfiber towels work really well following human feces cleanup because these cows hold a lot of cleaning solution. Likewise, they hold a lot of disinfectant.

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Cleaning Equipment for Human Feces Cleanup

Like any type of feces cleanup, I use distance between myself and the source material. Long-handled tools come in handy during human feces cleanup.

I use professional heavy-duty floor equipment at times for human feces cleanup because I can only allowed cleaning solutions to dwell for so long. Left too long they become a problem in themselves. So I use one of two heavy-duty for scrubbers to cut through human feces during human feces cleanup. In this way I save time and allow myself an opportunity to more thoroughly disinfect the floor, dried out, and then as possible adequate coat of wax or polish on the floor.

I can use these floors to scrub and rinse some carpet areas, but it's unrealistic to expect me or any other carpet cleaner to save a carpet during human feces cleanup when the human feces as well upon the carpet for a long time in many places and in great quantities.

Human feces cleanup carries a number of health risk. Besides contact with human feces, air contamination and a dwelling or business building by human feces carries multitudes of infectious bacteria and infectious viruses. As a result, it's best when I open windows and doors and work with a nice cool breeze blowing inside. It's best when an air-conditioner is not running because air-conditioners circulate contaminated air. Nonetheless, when I must work inside close doors I do, but I use a fogger to help increase the humidity in the air and cost some of the bacteria and viruses to drop to the floor and other horizontal surfaces.


When necessary I use a powerful Yamaha generator to run my vacuum, which works on both wet and dry surfaces. It also runs lights and my small floor scrubber. It will simultaneously run fans, which I may use toward the end of my human feces cleanup project. Having powerful equipment available for feces cleanup makes a big difference. Riverside County residents and businesses deserve the best feces cleanup service, for sure.

In fact, after scrubbing and rinsing floors and surfaces, I vacuum up the moisture into my vacuum's tank. The contents of my feces cleanup tank going to the clients toilet, if it works. During feces cleanup without a working toilet means that I must contain the soiling feces in my vacuum and other containers. This increases my cost mightily. With the generator the sense of disgust lowers when toilets don't work, in any case.

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