Fecal Incontinence Cleanup Narrative

Services in Brief

Preliminary note: please be aware that often times carpet soiled by human feces may have color loss.

Expect to pay a minimum of $350 for incontinence cleanup services. This fee will cover the first hour of labor and I call it a "service fee." Usually if I can get the job done within another 20 to 25 minutes or so, I will ignore the additional time.


What I Ask Riverside Residents

  • We should settle on how payment will be made before I arrive.
  • We should agree on the arrival time.
  • What about parking? Parking is an important issue because I have equipment, tools, and chemicals in the back of my truck and will need to carry these to the cleaning scene.
  • I prefer annoying pets be under control as well as children.
  • I need to know if the home or building will have running water, electricity, and working toilet.

However, I do consider overall conditions. These conditions will include parking distance to the job, ability to move within the dwelling place, and whether or not pets and children are in the premises. When it is clear that additional time is required, my price will increase $40-$50 per hour. I should be able to tell if additional time will be needed. If I misjudge my one hour of work time, the additional time is my responsibility.

Put another way, I should know if I need more additional time when I arrive at the scene.

Feces cleanup for fecal incontinence in the service of Riverside families and businesses comes at a travel cost and includes.

Riverside Fecal Incontinence Cleaning Prices - How I Charge (Much of what follows is redundant)

For a one time incontinence event, my service fee will most often cover the entire incontinence cleanup work.

I generally ignore any time over one hour up to 30 minutes; rest assured, if I go well over one hour, I will not increase the price because of 20 to 30 minutes or so. I should know before starting.

When I go Over $350

I will know before I begin work if I must charge more than $350. Depending on conditions and the degree of soiling, I will charge and additional $40 to $50 per hour incontinence cleanup, also known as feces cleanup.

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Repeated Incontinence Events

What happens is that some people will not call for incontinence cleaning until they experience two, three, and even more incontinence events.

Why do they wait? They wait because they do not have anybody to help them. They are overwhelmed. And they may not have money to hire somebody for feces cleanup. Finally, when money to pay for incontinence cleaning fees, they make their way to the Internet; they find me or someone else. Because I spend so many hours and so much money marketing my incontinence cleaning business, most people find my incontinence business first.

Apartment complexes, condominium complexes, and management for other types of buildings may hire me to clean after a homeless person leaves a feces on their doorstep. Other callers include real estate companies that may have a real estate property unoccupied and in need of my feces cleanup service. And of course, there are those instances when there is more than an incontinence cleanup needed by a family. After all is said and done the terms "inconstant" and "feces" become synonyms and key terms for Internet searches.

I cannot offer fecal incontinence cleaning services for less than $350. In the past I tried and nearly went out of business. Not only the cost of vehicle fuel and maintenance with decent tires, but insurance cost so much money I hardly charge enough. Here's a list of so my expenses:

  • Vehicle insurance
  • Cleaning business insurance
  • Gasoline, oil, tires, vehicle maintenance (I paid $800 to have a fuel pump replaced on December 1, 2018) for example. I paid about $1000 for a set of tires in 2018.
  • Cost of cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment,

Because I live in Cypress, California I am almost at what I call "a sweet spot" for infectious waste cleaning services. I say a "sweet spot" because I reside on the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties, separated by "Coyote Creek." This is about as close to being near a center for dispatching myself to Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, and Ventura County. I also service Bakersfield. But I cannot profit by going beyond these limits. As it is, I'm usually on the edge of quitting at times. One accident and it will have all been for nothing.

Age, Disease, And Incontinence

We know that as we age, seniors are more prone to lose their physical agility as well as control of their bowels. We know the man no longer have that ability to stop urinating on command. We know that many "senior citizens" are need of diapers. It should be no wonder, then, when some of us defecate without control.

Two days ago this writer, Eddie Evans, did what I call a "fecal incontinence feces cleanup" task. What happened was a 78-year-old Alzheimer's patient lost control of his bowels. He was not wearing his diaper when he rose from bed to make his way to the toilet. As a result he defecated upon his bed sheet, the carpet leading from his bed to his bathroom hallway, and from his bath room hallway into the bathroom. There, before he could completely turn and position himself over the toilet, he experienced a total loss of control.

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His poor wife was overwhelmed with his Alzheimer's behavior; she cleaned after her husband as loyally and mightily as anyone; human feces cleanup is tough when it relates to incontinence cleaning. As a result she asked friends what to do. A neighbor recommended that someone use the Internet to look up feces cleanup or incontinence cleanup. As a result the family found me. Since the family called from Riverside in late afternoon, I could not make the drive without undue risk and time delays; I made arrangement to arrive in Riverside the next morning.

I arrived in Riverside at 6 AM. I make a point of arriving early and then waiting. Riverside offers many places to visit in the morning. So I made my way to the local Denny's to have breakfast. Sometimes I make my way to the local Home Depot to buy more cleaning supplies, bide my time, and maybe even go for a short walk. On this morning I made a visit to Denny's. In any case, I arrived at eight, handed my business card to the nursing wife, then I made my way into the feces soiled bedroom and bathroom. There I found what appeared to be a total loss of fecal control. Incontinence in this case brought the poor Alzheimer's patient's wife to her wits end. I could easily see why she was overwhelmed.

"It stinks too much for me!"

It took me about 90 minutes to return this fecal soiled bathroom to its earlier condition. As is the case in most incontinence cleanup tasks, I hardly knew where to begin. As is my experience, I just said to myself, "don't despair," and started in the bedroom and slowly made your way toward the bathroom." That's what I did. I cleaned and re-cleaned. I also disinfectant on soiled areas and surrounding areas. The carpet appeared to have color loss because of the feces soiling.

At times I use a fogger to disinfect wide areas, but I must be careful when using a fogger because I cannot control the fog's migration through a room. Since it has disinfectants in it I don't want it touching furniture. However, I find flogging a bathroom after a major incontinence cleanup returns a bathroom to a hygienic condition quickly without question.

Approaches I sometimes use for incontinence cleanup:

  • Incontinence cleanup requires pretreating soiled areas with appropriate chemicals.
  • Incontinence cleanup may require cleaning and disinfecting both low feces soiled areas and high feces soiled areas. Feces soiled areas include grip rails attached to bathroom walls, doors and door knobs, and light switches. Even door frames and walls as high as 5 feet will need fecal cleanup.
  • Incontinence cleanup requires replacement of toilet paper, bathroom towels, and possibly a quick bathtub cleanup. Sometimes feces cleanup of the bathtub is required because of vehicle discharge during a shower.
  • Incontinence cleanup requires a thorough cleaning of a toilet whether or not it appears in need of cleaning. It is the case that at times a person suffering incontinence will have relieved themselves uncontrollably while defecating on another occasion. Others overlook this feces soiling because some toilet areas are not easily seen.
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Riverside Price Variation

Most of my Riverside incontinence cleaning remains at a steady $350 for service charge. However, there are occasions when this price must go up and does go up because of unforeseen conditions, situations. Otherwise, the price remains as advertised. In those cases involving a home or building without electricity, I charge for bringing my own generator to produce electricity. When water is not available, I miss charge for bringing water alone. But it is rare that I need to bring a generator or water, although I'm prepared to do so for a fee.

Cleaning Solutions, Tools, Equipment -

I use over-the-counter cleaning solutions from Home Depot most of the time. I may go to an Ace Hardware store or a Lowe's hardware store on occasion. Usually when I reach an urban area I find a Lowe's or Ace Hardware store.

I use the following chemicals because they can be found by families and businesses:

  • Simple green,
  • Pine-Sol,
  • household bleach,
  • rubbing alcohol
  • electric fogger
  • scrubbing broom
  • construction trash-bags
  • wet dry vacuum
  • paper towels
  • vacuum want

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Riverside Incontinence Cleanup Cleaning Comments

Often times when I arrive at a Riverside home for incontinence cleaning, someone is usually embarrassed by the loss of their fecal content due to incontinence. Rather than try to say there's no reason to be "embarrassed." I simply leave it alone. My comments would only add to the uncomfortable situation that is often experienced by people when I arrived for incontinence cleanup.

I tried to be as objective and keep the nature of incontinence of mine. As an older male I know exactly what's going on with urinary issues for males. I can only guess what it is like are going to be like myself if and when incontinence becomes a for myself.

As a biohazard cleanup practitioner with over 17 years in the business, I've seen just about everything I'm going to see at least once. And when it comes to fecal incontinence, feces cleanup, it is not likely I'm going to see anything new. Granted, I may see some new cleaning conditions, but I expect that.

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In Riverside hospitals it's not infrequent that we hear the term fecal incontinence; it's referred to as a form of encopresis. This means there is a lack of control when it comes to defecating. It is an involuntary loss of bowel matter. Fiatus (gas) often occurs along with the liquid release of stool and mucus. We use the term stool because it is the medical term. "Stool" arises from a 17th century use of a three-legged stool placed over a ceramic or clay pot to use hold feces. Someone then dumped the pot's feces a common area for public use. These pots, known as "chamber pots," were emptied by chambermaid's for the upper-middle-class and aristocracy. Other folks got to remove and dump their feces in the common feces: area.

Origins of High-Heels.

Historically, it is written that high-heels had their beginning as an entrepreneur shoe maker added to the heels of chambermaid shoes; you see, the chambermaids stepped in feces covered common areas and tracked the feces back to their places of employment. The high-heels helped reduce this migration of human feces from the chamber pot soiled dump sites.

In any case, incontinence results from a number of causes. It may occur following a bout of constipation and a sudden release of the bowel;s contents. It may also occur during an illness involving diarrhea. Food poisoning will bring about diarrhea and then a period of incontinence. Irritable bowel syndrome may occur and sometimes the effects of Crohn's disease may exacerbate incontinence. Colitis as well as a food intolerance may lead to incontinence.

In most human cultures we find that the sense of disgust is learned early in child rearing, especially after two years of age. Disgust towards feces tends to roll more pronounced in societies having access to flush toilets because of the olfactory contact memo. Feelings caused by a sense of smell, touch, or even vision give rise to the feces cleanup service industry. This is cleanup services go back to 17th century in both London and Paris.

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