Glouchester: O, let me kiss that hand!

King Lear: Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality

King Lear, Shakespeare

History tells us that Charles Darwin became the first to consider the emotion for disgust as a subject for serious study.

A Tierra Del Fuegan's facial expressions communicated disgust at Darwin's dinner, soft, cold, canned meat. Here's what Darwin said about food and disgust: The term "disgust," in its simplest sense, means something offensive to the senses. It is curious how readily this feeling is excited by anything unusual in the appearance, odor, in the nature of our food."

Darwin said Her Majesty's Ship the Beagle (HMS Beagle). Along with Captain Fitzroy, HMS Beagle's crew met the Tierra Del Fuegans on the rocky shores. The two cultures found amazment between one another, disgust serving as a chief emotion experienced by both. While socializing with natives of Tierra del Fuego, a native touched Darwin's perserved food. The native showed "discussed at softness." The foreign consistency of food eaten by another human caused mixed feelings in this native beyond contradictory emotions.